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Terms & Conditions for IQM Services

Accept the Conditions

IQ Management offers it's services only for those who're totally accepting this terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of this services may be changed without any notification.
The person who can't accept that must stop to use IQM services.

The Services

All the services provided by the IQM Portal are the subject for this accord. We presume that you have a computer connected to the Internet, and you're a good tax payer.
IQ Management don't assume any responsibility for the consequences issued by the delay, the lost or for the incorrect information displayed on your own sites. Any user may take by he's own responsibility the information provided in the IQM Portal. In case of any damage caused by that, the user accepts that he don't sue IQ Management at law.

User's Obligations

To personalize the offered services, you must register your real personal data.
The user must assume all the civil and penal responsibility for the information that he puts into the Portal. Our company has no juridical responsibility for the information published or transmitted by the users of it's Portal.

Privacy Policy

IQ Management has the right to use the information provided by the users to improve it's services under the assurance to not publishing the personal data, only in the case when these are asked by the Romanian authorities in the legal terms. These data may be processed like statistics, to show our user's profile.

Technical Conditions and Restrictions

IQ Management is assuming no responsibility if the Portal can't be accessed during an unlimited period, and also for data loosing or deletion a cause of commercial or inner/external technical reasons.


IQ Management offers no grants for the access into it's services, and also for data accuracy and security. There is no grants for the consequences issued by the dysfunction of it's services.

The Terms

IQ Management has the right to modify anytime the terms of this accord without any notification.
IQM may stop providing it's services to the user who encroach upon this accord.
Just on the line, IQ Management may keep back all it's services all of a sudden.

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IQ Management is registered with no. 32345 in the Register for personal data processing of the National Authority for Personal Data Processing Surveillance, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 - amended.
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